Wednesday, December 18, 2013

the importance of being oscar. . .

hey you. with the crazy hair. with the dancing blue eyes. with the two tooth grin. you kind of turned our world upside down when you arrived seven months ago. you've well and truly cemented a place in our family. in our hearts. we all adore you. your sister makes you laugh with her mad dance moves. your brother builds block towers for your demolition pleasure. you like to eat paper. and sometimes dead blowflies. today you had three sausage rolls for morning tea. you're too busy moving to bother much with sitting. you want in on the action. you'll move great distances at great speed to get what you want. most days you have three dreadlocks in the back of your hair. you're generous with the smiles. easy with the laughs. especially if your neck is being nibbled. not much a fan of sleeping {that's fairly standard around here}. you're a little like your sister. a little like your brother. 
and a whole lot like you

: :

{earlier this year, when i was about eight months pregnant, we went to see a production of oscar wilde's 'the importance of being earnest'. from that event, came this guys name.} 


  1. He is super cute and not sure who he looks like now! I have two and a half weeks left of my pregnancy but I have a feeling it will arrive soon. We can't agree on any names!!!

    1. I hope not!! Swore I would never have a Dec baby and now I might have 2!!

  2. he's so gorgeous, Rachel. Nice to see your post pop up. Funny you mentioned in my comment that Edith was your girls name. Eulalie would have been an Oscar, had she been a boy :)

  3. Your little one is a real cutie pie. A beautiful piece Rachel x

  4. So freakin cute Rachel!! Baha eating dead blowflies. Still gorgeous.

  5. Isn't he just the cutest? x


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