Monday, December 2, 2013

hello december . . .

the grass around our house has just been slashed. hayfever season is over for another year. it's time to bring down the christmas box. put up some decorations. think about a tree. last week I made a christmas stocking for oscar. just like these ones. yesterday we lit our first advent candle. sunny-windy-perfect washing days are plentiful. sleeves are shorter. legs are bare. i think it's safe to pack away the boots and coats now. wash and store the winter woollens. clean out the fire place. i've put in a call for the window cleaner to pay us a visit. we've had a few rumbly thunderstorms. the light outside feels harsher and brighter. meals are served with a side of salad. i've switched from red wine to white. the seasonal sort and cull of the children's wardrobes has been tackled. so many clothes. i'd hoped to give the house a good deep spring clean. but got no further than my own bedroom. i don't think i'm quite ready for it to be december just yet. 

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{thank you for all of your kind comments lately. it's so nice to hear from you!}


  1. Lovely photos, as always!

    My December wil be like any other month. Probably, it will be the last year that it happens. Maybe with our baby girl arrival, I start to appreciate this time of the year. She deserves it, doesn´t she?

  2. lovely pictures, I find my self wondering how would it be to have christmas in warmer climates?! enjoy your clear room. Heather x

  3. sounds like your spring clean is perfect to me~ I haven't been able to face any of our wardrobes! Love that polar bear. Happy December. xx

  4. I love reading your reflections. My spring cleaning didn't eventuate either... I'm still at the 'where do I start?' stage :)

  5. I really like your style of photography :)



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