Wednesday, July 18, 2018


one. two. three. 

Saturday, February 27, 2016

time away | nature + art

birdsong meditation to start the day
qi gong circle on the salt lake
bush walks and long talks
eco dying with leaves and bark
colourful parcels of wool and silk 
bush creatures and solar prints
leaf rubbing and lino printing
slowing down and tuning in
focusing on the process over the product
dinner and drinks outside
evenings in the old farm house
cosied up in the tent at night

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i spent last weekend away at the balijup eco art camp ~
three days and three nights fully immersed in nature and creating

Sunday, February 7, 2016

these days | february

there's a playful puppy entertaining us all. slow and gentle starts to the day {we're loving the homeschool pace}. no more lunch boxes to make. sneaky puppy poos in the corner. french classes to look forward to. cucumbers in the garden. creative chaos covering every surface. a sketch in pen and watercolour each day. golden sunrises to tempt me out of bed. early morning walks. meetings with the architect down at the farm. a new house to dream about. juicy nectarines fresh from the tree. endless hours by the water. honey ice-cream after beach visits. mountains to climb {and carry small people down}. a guitar to get acquainted with. a giant jigsaw puzzle to tinker with. a new rhythm to find our way with. a head spinning with it all. a feeling of things being just as they should be.

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i truly appreciated your comments and visits to my last post. 
it warms my heart to know you are still reading, after all that time away. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

2015 | the year that was

Sold our little house in the city. Bought a farm. Bought a tractor. Took some art classes. Took some woodwork classes. Got some much needed sleep. Rediscovered my love of dance after more than two decades. Went to an audition. Performed in a local production. Listened to my kids read. Neglected my camera. Neglected my blog. Found our first Geocache. Danced some more. Celebrated 10 years of marriage. Talked about hopes and dreams for the farm and the future. Swam in the ocean. Swam in the dam. Thought a lot about kids and education. Took our caravan on adventures near and far. Found myself again. 

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Hello! I've missed being here. I'm not sure if anyone is still out there? 
I hope to find the space to be here more frequently this year. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

on the eve of 37 . . .

life is full and it's rich. i feel a true contentedness. even with the daily struggles. there's a deep to the core gratitude for all that i have. these beautiful, crazy, demanding people i share my life with. who give me so much. fill me with pride. the buzz of family life is constant and loud. i crave quiet and calm. time in my own head. but i feel the intensity of the early years starting to fade. these small people are growing bigger. slowly stepping out from under my wings and into the world. life feels good.  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

back again | taking stock . . .

Making : lists and plans
Cooking : lemon pound cake via my primal pal helen
Drinking : kombucha first thing every morning
Wanting: less stuff and more time
Looking: forward to a broome holiday
Playing: twister with elliot
Deciding: to run a sewing workshop
Enjoying: a bit of sleep at last
Waiting: to plant out the veggie patch
Liking: trips to the beach
Loving: the change of season but
Pondering: how little rain we've had
Considering: getting an au pair
Watching: out for snakes
Hoping: to take some art classes
Marvelling: it's 20 years since i finished school
Needing: not much 
Smelling: lemons
Wearing: open shoes again
Following: yogagirl 
Noticing: broad beans growing
Knowing: i should be in bed
Thinking: positively
Admiring: energetic people
Sorting: room by room
Buying: sam a birthday gift
Getting: a load of pig poo delivered
Bookmarking: yoga sequences
Disliking: blowflies
Opening: my book every chance i get
Giggling: at baby words {back-pack, weet-bix, piz-za} 
Feeling: moments of bliss
Snacking: less 
Helping: aila sound out words
Hearing: frogs outside
Wishing: you all well

: :

no better way to launch back in than with a bit of taking stockthe pictures are some i took for elliot's school a while back. it seems i haven't picked up my camera since we returned from melbourne. my apologies for the recent radio silence in these parts (and thanks to those of you who let me know my blog was down) - an extended blogger enforced break and a matter of finding the time to sit down and work out how to fix it. it's good to be back.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

this boy | my heart . . .

he is demanding and delightful. crazy and cute. he has a way of making himself heard above the constant noise of daily life. he ensures he is noticed even though he is the smallest. he has planted himself firmly in our family. when i pick him up his little arms reach out. they hook around my neck and he pulls me in close. if i'm lucky, he smacks his lips together three times, before pressing them squarely on mine. he seeks out danger at every opportunity. a hot oven. a sharp knife. something to climb high and leap fearlessly from. he is walking and talking at a rapid rate. racing to keep up. taking on the world. he leaves me utterly exhausted and equally elated.  

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{photos taken on our recent trip to melbourne. we had the pleasure of calling this gorgeous place home for the week}