Monday, February 10, 2014

vale judith. . .

she was strong. she was creative and industrious. she was a loving mother to sam. an adoring mardie to my children. she was a painter. she was a psychologist. she was an avid reader. she could be relied on for sensible advice. she made beautiful pottery. she knew a lot of things about a lot of things. she was a feminist. she taught us about bees. she produced award winning olive oil. she had a no-nonsense can-do attitude. she was frank and honest. she had a beautiful garden. she loved roses. she was beautiful. she was an amazing woman. she fought hard. she will be dearly missed. 

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{in january sam's mum passed away after an 18 year battle with cancer. our world will never be the same. 
i was unsure about sharing something so private and painful here in this space. yet i couldn't continue blogging without reference to such a significant event in our lives. 
i have turned off comments for this post}