{this photo by lauren}

{this photo by lauren}

{this picture by dani}

hello. i am rachel. mother of three. wife of one. i'm a scorpio. a firstborn. a sister to two brothers. i like to make things. i come from a long line of makers. i grew up on on a farm. i come from a long line of farmers. i love to read. once i was a town planner. then i was a teacher. now i'm a mum. once i had a sweet tooth. then i quit sugar. i am learning to surf. i like chooks. i am a homebirth advocate. i live in a house on a hill between the ocean & the forest. i like to do yoga and swim. i don't like to run. i enjoy life in the slow lane. i met my husband when i was 17. he likes to run. he enjoys life in the fast lane. together we have made a happy life on the south coast of western australia.


  1. Hi! you're blog is so much fun and so inspiring. i love your photos! i live on the south coast as well! so many of your pics look familiar are you somewhere near denmark?

  2. I love your blog! I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! I think your photos and words are simple and beautiful. If you would like to claim your award, and share it with others, please pop over to my page to do so :)

  3. Hi Rachel, thanks for visiting my blog. I am feeling inspired looking at your blog. Its lovely to connect with like minded souls ;-)

  4. Just found your blog. Beautiful photos. Beautiful life!

    xo Green Gable


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i'm rachel. i'm a thirtysomething mother and wife. i'm a maker of things. i'm an op shop trawler. i'm a gardener of sorts. i'm a champion tea drinker and scone baker. loving life on the south coast of western australia.