Tuesday, August 13, 2013

mountain climbing + taking stock . . .

Making : a huge mess in the kitchen
Cooking : pear and ginger muffins from here (amongst other things)
Drinking : lots of pots of tea
Reading: The Divided Heart (once I collect it from the library)
Wanting: some solo time with my girl
Looking: at the rain out the window
Playing: tunes on spotify
Wasting: time in front of screens
Sewing: white linen tea towels
Wishing: for a king size bed
Enjoying: Oscar's first baby chuckles
Waiting: for my new enamel milk pan to arrive
Liking: the idea of a tropical holiday
Wondering: if this rain will ever stop
Loving: the school bus service
Hoping: I don't get the cold my small people have had

Marvelling: at how far Aila's little legs can carry her
Needing: sleep
Smelling: sweet milky baby breath
Wearing: crochet slippers made by my Gran
Following: elliot around with a tissue
Noticing: the first signs of spring
Knowing: I need to get to bed earlier
Thinking: things feel (ever so slightly) more in control this week
Bookmarking: recipes to try
Opening: the mail
Giggling: at Josh Earl's take on skype (thanks Alison)
Feeling: snug between my two sleeping boys
inspired by pip

: :

{from our house we can see a magnificent mountain range, way off on the horizon. 
on the weekend we climbed to the summit to take in the most amazing views.
these pictures are from the picnic we had afterwards.}


  1. Glad to hear things are going as they should. Xxx taking stock and feeling grateful. Xxx

  2. I miss that sweet milky breath! Nothing can compare to that :)

    Sophie xo

  3. Fresh air mountains and picnics will bring perspective when needed. Have a lovely week. xxx

  4. That's a great list. Buying a king size bed was the best investment we ever made: hello, good night's sleep!!

  5. Looking forward to hearing all about your mountain climbing. And goodness, all the enamelware my heart could possibly desire. I think a jug might be heading my way shortly! xx

  6. ahh Rachel, I think you just pushed me a little further towards purchasing some of the enamel ware. I've been thinking about the bakeware set for a hundred years (as my just 5 year old would tell me.)
    The divided heart, sit's on my dresser at the moment with a LOT of underlined pieces in it.

  7. Love the little milk pan. I managed to get the same one from an oppie a few weeks back. It's the perfect little pot for dark hot chocolates, sweetened with honey. x

  8. Hello!
    Well, you may not have noticed but I'm following your blog ;) It'd mean a lot to me if you could follow mine.

    Thank you!




  9. Isn't Pip the funnest?! I did this list too! I still catch snippets of milky breath from my baby, although she'll be one next month. I can't believe it's nearly all gone.


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