Saturday, April 16, 2011


my beloved gave me the sweetest gift of all last night.
with head and heart full of mother's guilt,
i retreated to the far end of the house.
left my boys to work it out on their own.
with daddy's twinkle twinkle little star
in place of mummy's boob,
they survived just fine.
with not too much fuss at all, really.
{naturally the three year old
found her way into my bed,
and i spent a good part of the night
listening out for my baby}
but today i caught the slightest glimpse of me.
like the fog had lifted, ever so slightly.
and guess what?
there's talk of doing it again tonight.

: :


  1. I remember those tiny moments! The first glimpses of 'me' after long periods of small baby. Well done everybody. But a little less listening tonight, 'kay? (you know you'll hear the very first squeak).

  2. listening is what we do best, but you were given such a wonderful gift, i hope you take full advantage of it & let your tired self get some sleep.
    wishing you a good nights sleep ♥

  3. It's amazing what a little extra sleep can do for us mummas and what incredible hubby's we have that allows us to have that.
    A little sleep in here and there always does wonders in our house. Happy mummy, happy home.

  4. hooray for more mumma zzzz. sweet dreams to you all.

  5. I know what that head and heart of guilt feels (and sounds) like. So hard to take that time for you but so very rejuvenating. He sounds like a keeper that beloved of yours.

  6. Oh to catch a glimpse of yourself after having children is like winning lotto. Happy days, let there be more of them for you.

  7. Ahh blissful really is a gift to be treasured.
    Wishing you many more nights like that :)


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