Sunday, April 17, 2011

pumpkin scones. . .

we're enjoying a bumper pumpkin crop this autumn.
heritage varieties with so many interesting colours and shapes.
this simple recipe is very easy and healthy
{until you top the warm scones with slabs of butter,
as i like to do}

300g SR flour
250g cubed pumpkin
pinch of salt
20g butter
1 egg lightly beaten
milk for brushing

Cook pumpkin until tender (steam or microwave)
Dry off the pumpkin pieces with paper towel or tea towel
Mash the pumpkin
Rub butter into flour
Add all remaining ingredients and mix until it makes a soft dough
You may need to add a little more flour to get the right consistency,
depending on the wetness of your pumpkin
Shape and cut into scones
Place on a tray and brush with milk
Bake in 200 C oven for 15 -20 minute

This recipe was adapted from a thermomix version
which can be found here.


  1. There is nothing more cheery than a pumkin pathc and it seems to just keep on giving. The scones look scrumptious.
    xo jill

  2. I was looking for a recipe to make for the Dally show, and google landed me on your page! How bout that!! Hope you're all well Rach xx


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