Wednesday, March 26, 2014

taking stock + making changes. . .

there's early to bed for young and for old.
there's a rainwater tank that has nearly run dry.
there's a coffee and walnut cake made from this favourite book.
there's a six-year-old girl who can now ride a bike.
there are berries to be picked on the farm next door.
there's the excitement of a first visit from the tooth fairy. 
there's making sure i get to a yoga class once a week.
there's this documentary that has been on my mind.
there's a new cleaning lady who will be visiting soon.
there are some things i'm making for a little shop i'm creating.
there are karri trees in flower and the anticipation of honey.
there's the thrill of a ride in poppy's new sidecar.
there's the magic healing powers of a dip in the ocean.
there are tomato and zucchini plants on their last legs.
there's cool crisp mornings and beautiful autumn light.

: :

{there is also a big heartfelt thank you
for your kind thoughts in response to my last post ~
your support really means the world xo}


  1. How exciting that you are creating a shop!
    PS I want a cleaner!!

  2. So lovely to see your blog appear on my feed... I love reading about what's been happening down your way. A cleaning lady visit sounds good, as does the bike riding and excitement of the tooth fairy :)

  3. Your writing feels lovely to read. Gentle and full of love x

  4. Pretty photos and gentle words Rachel, life sounds good at your place x

  5. Exciting about the new store! All the best xx
    (our tank is almost dry, too! Come ON rain!!)

  6. Oh the cleaning lady sounds good indeed! Darcy had his first visit from the tooth fairy a few weeks ago too. Very excited for you about your shop. That sidecar must be the very coolest way for a three year old to get to school. xx

  7. Aila is SIX?? How did that happen? Also, methinks I'll be shopping your beautiful hand-mades a LOT. I am still squeezing Ivy into the lovely smocked thing you gifted. I hope the clouds cleared away quickly, so much to rejoice in your little part of the world. PS, we are still looking :-)

  8. Lovely lovely photos. Your big girl is looking very grown up! How exciting about a little shop, almost as exciting as having a cleaner :-) Have a lovely weekend Rach...Mel x

  9. sounds like so much goodness in your neck of the woods. especially that peak at a very pretty new label. xx


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