Sunday, February 16, 2014

my brown-eyed boy. . .

i love the days when he's off at kindy
and cherish the days we have together at home
he's found the perfect outlet for his boy energy
and i've found some space to breathe
it feels like a good balance
just what we both needed


  1. Gorgeous Rachel, so nice to see you back here x

  2. Goodness, he's such a little boy now... can't believe how much he's grown! Glad you're both settling in to your new rhythm xx

  3. What a little cutie and such a big boy now. It's nice to have that bit of time away, it makes being together that bit more special. Thinking of all of you. Take care. xxx

  4. Yes, it definitely is a lovely balance with them only doing half weeks. xx (Klanger)

  5. Kindy, Rach? Get outta town! He is just beautiful, looking forward to seeing you guys soon. Ivy is a terror on road trips in the car, we are psyching ourselves up for it! xo


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