Wednesday, February 19, 2014

around here . . .

it feels like we missed summer. we haven't had nearly enough beach days.
the baby sprouted three new teeth this week. our nights went from bad to worse.
i've just finished reading the riders. now i'm dreaming of the greek islands. 
the early mornings are breathtaking. i drag myself from bed to witness it once in a while.
i was given a slackline for christmas. i'm loving mastering a new skill.
oscar is now nine months old. he's as cute as can be and pretty hilarious too.
the fig tree is loaded with fruit. i'm waiting patiently for it to ripen.
i finally taught myself how to braid. thank you, you tube.
sam and i enjoyed a lovely long lunch on the weekend. thank you, mum.
the veggie patch is getting some attention at long last. tomatoes are go.
we robbed our bee hives. the honey tasted like medicine.
i'm buying mavi jeans on ebay. a little bit obsessively.
we're picking berries every day. the silvans are delicious right now.
i'm making an effort to drink lots of water. shooting for 3L a day.
i'm noticing that life feels better when i blog. or maybe that i blog when life feels better?

: :

{i found the first two pictures on my camera. an aila-eye view of the world}


  1. You have a special way with words and photos Rachel. Oh and Aila has a way with photos too! Do you know what I think...blogging makes us do a stock take of the good things in our lives, which at times (in my case anyway) is very necessary! x

  2. oh love that first aila-taken picture - it's just beautiful. And also love that you're getting on a slackline, I've been known to dabble myself .. I find it's a lot like yoga... x

  3. gosh 9 months!! your lego and block building are very familiar scenes..I hope sleeping improves for you very soon, these teething babes are hard yakka x

  4. Your Lego scene is a familiar one here :) Hope your little one's teething settles down soon xx

  5. glad you're blogging and feeling good :) xx

  6. I can't believe he is 9 months already! Look at him there in amongst it all. Enjoy your slackline - you are officially a 'slacker' :-) It's so nice to get an update along with your gorgeous photos, I have been thinking of you! Take care, Mel xxx

  7. I agree with Jane's comment- blogging kind of stops you and 'thinks you'.
    I also think your girls got a good eye...and that is pretty special thing to have.

  8. Oh my! The baby is getting so big! xxx

  9. ooh, hello... it's been quite a while since I visited here, sorry about that! Love the photos (particularly Aila's first one!) and the snippets of life... thanks for sharing. xx


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