Thursday, April 4, 2013

from the fruit bowl . . .

feijoas, tamarillos, figs and apples
yet another reason i'm so in love with this season, 
here in this part of the world

while the fruit trees we planted last year
still struggle to get established
we're happy to enjoy the backyard bounty of generous friends

: :

{this time last year}


  1. Ohhhh we love feijoas. Baked in a crumble or with a sponge. Delicious! x

  2. YUM! I am envious of those delicious fruits your friends (and one day, you) have growing.
    xx K

  3. oh gosh I just saw the first feijoas of the season here as I wandered up the hill 20 minutes ago. No tamarillos yet, they usually are may/june for us. Can't wait! Actually, I can... I love autumn produce.. x

  4. Oh! I love feijoas and tamarillos! I think I haven't tasted either in the two years we've lived in France xx

  5. Such beautiful fruits! So exotic and shiny! I'm looking forward to seeing what our trees produce this year (apples, pears, plums, cherries I hope) though it's been such a cold winter I hope that won't spoil our harvest.

  6. Such beautiful bright colours!

  7. Gorgeous photos, and the names of those fruits (so exotic sounding to me!) read like a poem. x


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