Sunday, April 7, 2013

36 weeks | a month or so to go . . .

i turn my birthing over to my baby and my body. 
i put all fear aside. 
i am totally relaxed and at ease. 
i am focused on a smooth, easy birth. 
i trust my body to know what to do. 
my baby's size is perfect for my body. we birth easily.
i feel confident. i feel safe. i feel secure.

i friend gave me a recording of pregnancy and birth affirmations recently. i've been listening to them each night as i drift off to sleep. i know that during labour it won't matter what is playing in the background. i'll be far too deep within to know or to care. in fact, i'm fairly certain my preference will be for silence. but in the lead up to birth, listening to words like these helps to get me me in the zone. it helps me connect with the baby inside and gives me a wonderful sense of anticipation for what is to come.

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{photo by aila}


  1. Sounds like the perfect way to prepare yourself and your body for labour. What great affirmations. I hope they give you peace when it's time to give birth your precious bub x

  2. Oh what a beautiful belly you have! Great affirmations, our bodies and babies really do know what they are doing. Enjoy your last weeks :)

  3. you look gorgeous, happy and peaceful. such a lovely photo. xo

  4. You look great! Enjoy the last few weeks :) x

  5. My second birth was fast and furious. When I was pregnant with my third I was a little panicky. I spoke to a midwife friend, decided on a water birth and then found this amazing book. The only thing I got out of the book was the phrase that I repeated with each contraction 'this pain is a good pain...this pain is bringing my baby to me'. It honestly helped me to relax and made the whole experience a lot more pleasant.
    I hope your birth is not too short, not too long and truly beautiful.

  6. this is a beautiful post. The affirmations are great. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

  7. This is beautiful. I am excited for you and the journey you are on to meet your babe xx

  8. How wonderful! I think using affirmations are a wonderful way to prepare for labor! I wish I would have tried this with my beans! What an exciting time!

  9. You and your baby bump are beautiful! Those birth affirmations sound amazing - I think I would like to listen to something similar next pregnancy, I have a feeling it would help me a lot. Did your friend make the recording, or is it available for purchase somewhere? I'd love to buy one.

    1. I found this site where you can stream or download them for free...

      rachel xo

  10. Wishing you a fabulous last few weeks of pregnancy and a wonderful birth - it's such an amazing and empowering experience. Soak it up!
    Oh and eat HEAPS of chocolate and ice cream over the next few weeks, it's good for you and being nine months pregnant is unarguable :o)

  11. You must be so excited. I think by 36 weeks I was fed up with being huge and dying to meet the baby. You look great - Aila takes a good photo! x

  12. What an excellent idea. And in that silence and focus during birth you will recall all of these affirmations. You look wonderful and I am excited for you!! X

  13. All that anticipation! Im with Gillian, you look fab!

  14. One things for sure, you look beautiful.


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