Friday, July 6, 2012

around here. . .

there's a funny energy around here at the moment. i'm feeling kind of lazy and lethargic, but my head is buzzing with all sorts of exciting plans and ideas. i'm about to head off on a week long yoga retreat. i can't wait. but i know i'll miss my people like crazy. i'm exploring this new sugar free cookbook. i'll share some recipes with you soon. we're painting our nails pale blue. i'm sewing myself lots of leggings and slouchy t-shirts. i've stocked up on old sheets for a new rag rug. we're having homemade pizza for dinner.

how are things at your place?

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  1. Week long yoga retreat, no wonder your buzzing!! Enjoy your time away, and I'm looking forward to hearing about how your sugar free cooking is going :)

  2. A week long yoga retreat! How amazing. Hope you enjoy it. Kellie xx

  3. A week of yoga, wow, how divine. You will feel so refreshed afterwards. Lovely shot of the egg and spoon - reminds me of all the sports day races we are currently having!

  4. A week long yoga retreat! I dream of that! One day when my Littlies aren't so little.. :) enjoy! X

  5. a week long yoga retreat sounds so wonderful. can't wait to hear how it goes.
    i, too, am feeling like you described. lazy and lethargic; but with a very busy, active head....
    have a great week xx

  6. a week long yoga retreat, how wonderful! Oh that would be so fantastic.
    I've got undirected creative energy to burn this week and it's bubbling away like a soup pot.

    (ps. just read your birth story again... happy sigh.)

  7. Enjoy your yoga retreat! Sounds wonderful

  8. Please tell us all how the yoga retreat was.


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