Friday, March 16, 2012

one more week . . .

she's been sitting for two weeks now
neglecting her own needs
her focus apparent in that far off stare
a gentle peck for any hands that approach

i'm not wanting to count my chicks just yet
but i'm excited about what may be
this time next week

: :

her chicken-sista 
{in the background}
has been helping out
these past couple of days


  1. looking forward to meeting the little mongrels! hopefully you will have a good team of mother hens sheltering the little balls of fluff next Thursday. xx

  2. How lovely, I am feeling very maternal after reading this. Happy days with the chicks. x

  3. REALLY! How exciting!

    Send some girls to Tassie : o )

  4. There's really nothing more "spring" than bits of fluff and peeping, enjoy!

  5. Oh so cute, Rachel. I can't wait to see some photos of the new little silkies. Lew wants to get some of these when we move onto the block. x

  6. Thats a mighty fierce stare...

  7. oh, I hope the little ones hatch safely. One of my chooks gets broody sometimes and the stare and the pecks are the same. ouch! can't wait to see the babies. Jane x

  8. So....are there chickens?


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