Wednesday, March 14, 2012

my creative space. . .

my first wiksten tank

i think i'll be making a few more of these

the next one in a softer more floaty fabric
(and a size smaller)

which fabric next?

: :

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  1. lovely job on the tank. i think i can spot the very well hidden pocket :) for the next one, maybe the blue/red fabric? they are all pretty though :)

  2. I have had that pattern sitting in my draw for moths (It's almost too pretty to open.. I love the little fabric sticker she puts on her patterns).

    You did such a good job, I think the mustard polka dots or the blue/ red fabric next.. both would look so good as a little sumer singlet.

  3. Oh the sunny yellow spots to match the color of your honey!

  4. great work. I would have to do einy meeny miny moe to decide which fabric to cut next. Or just close your eyes, jumble them up and pick one! Jx

  5. This is great! And look at that sneaky pocket in there! I would go with the yellow polkadots next - very cute!

  6. Hi just popped over from creative spaces and boy that is some amazing fabric you've got there. Lovely colours for you Wiksten tank too!

  7. I really like the mustard yellow & white polka dots!

  8. I've just bought this pattern, now just need to find the time to make it! I choose the mustard with polka dots xx

  9. Lovely! I vote for fabric No 2. Stunning! I've just bought the pattern and am itching to make it in a lovely liberty print....(thanks for stopping by too!) :)


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