Sunday, March 18, 2012

autumn days. . .

an afternoon 
in the apple orchard
picking fruit
with friends

then home for 
delicious apples
fried in butter
with vanilla & cinnamon

: :

I'm welcoming
these cooler autumn days
with open arms


  1. gorgeous photos!
    and we're bearing passion fruit in our backyard :)

  2. It's my absolute favourite time of year. Those apples look delicious x

  3. they are classic and timeless photos. yes, very grateful for the cooling weather. I was looking forward to a pic of the apples cooking in the pan. Love your new masthead for your blog too! have a super duper week! Jane x

  4. oh i love this! im off to try and find an apple orchard near me after seeing these!

    Kel x

  5. Like the new header ;o)

    YUmmm fried apples with cin and sugar - gosh do give me more details. SOunds like dessert here!

  6. I miss the orchards we had on tap back home.
    Lucky you for having a break from this's still scorching up here in these parts.


  7. I wish I lived your life - and took photos as stunning a yours!

  8. How gorgeous, that blue jacket is divine too :)

  9. amazing photos. such a beautiful blog. happy that you stopped by so i could visit back. i love your little girls blue floral jacket. can i ask where you found it? i have been looking for something similar for penny. xo.


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