Sunday, January 1, 2012

12 things for 2012. . .

1. early to bed early to rise
learn to love the mornings

2. disconnect, shut down, switch off
free myself from technology regularly

3. open a little hat shop
here in this space

4. build a farmhouse table
from locally sourced timbers

5. say yes more
especially to my people

6. give more, expect less
{still working on last years resolution!}

7. plant an orchard
nurture it & watch it grow

8. explore more
make the most of where we live

9. walk, swim, stretch
find time to move in some way every day

10. become expert beekeepers
{we brought home our new bees yesterday)

11. meal plan regularly
make the most of local seasonal produce

12. count my blessings
there's so much to be grateful for

: :

wishing you
an extraordinary, excellent & abundant

{pictures of sam & his mum
checking on the bees at the olive grove}


  1. What an exciting year you have to look forward to Rach...loving this list :)
    I am wanting to focus a bit more energy on getting my little label out there too and we are also in the process of drafting plans for a new table....great minds!
    Here's to a fabulous 12 months...wishing you all the very best.

    Happy New Year.


  2. This is a fabulous list. I'm inspired!

    Looking forward to hearing all about the bee's- thats on our list too!

    xo em

  3. What a lovely little list.
    My gosh I had a look at the table you want to build, and it sure is a beauty.. I just added it to my list.
    Oh and hats made from vintage fabrics, that is a great idea, cant wait to see it happen for you. x

  4. What a great list for 2012. I think I need to make a list to keep myself on track this year. Where to start?

  5. A wonderful and honey sweet year to you and your gorgeous family. I am super excited about the hat shop. And we adore our bees. I think they add such a great dimention to a home. xx

  6. they sound like 12 wonderful things for 2012...
    Happy New Year!

  7. Fantastic... Very keen to hear about your beekeeping adventures!

  8. brilliant list. wishing you and yours a very special 2012, may all the 12 things and more blossom for you. x ashley

  9. Happy New Year Lucy. Congratulations on your bees - how fun!
    Your list is inspiring.

  10. Hi Im a new follower via Dixibelle, wonderful list, 'say yes to my loved ones more' must do, sure the kids are sick of me and 'no'. Cheers Jen xx

  11. All of these sound just wonderful to me. Here's to a fun 2012.

  12. What a wonderful list! I love my new bees, and I love just watching them.

    Happiest of new year wishes to you

  13. I love your list.So many things on there are ones for me too - table {though I want to find an old one already built;)}, get into bees - something I'd love to do in the future on our new block, saying yes more to my son and those I love and so many others too. I didn't do resolutions this year but I really love your list idea.

  14. i love your 12 things. and hope you'll make them come true in 2012. Happy new year!

  15. Gorgeous, inspiring list! All the best for 2012! xo

  16. I love your NY resolutions! Hopefully you can stick to them all year long! Gorgeous photos.

  17. Such a great list! And much more succinct than mine (I'm taking note for the future, hee hee). Here's wishing you and yours a wonderful 2012, filled with much love, happiness and fun! xx

  18. I've been working on staying away from the computer as much as possible. It's actually really hard. I like that one of your goals is meal plan. That is super important if you want to eat healthy on a regular basis.


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