Monday, April 18, 2011

our weekend was. . .

friday night pizza. saturday morning pancakes. the last of the beach weather. mummy daddy surfing tag team. an unread newspaper. an outdoor bath at the shack. pumpkin harvesting.
. . . and then the start of the wintry weather.
dusting off the gumboots. ripe figs {finally}. more stolen moments in the sewing room. hot chocolate in new {old} mugs. no power, no water. planting grass for the easter bunny. corned beef with white sauce and mash. rain on the tin roof. three nights of sleep.
sweet sleep.

: :

how was your weekend?


  1. Lovely cup in just the right shade of blue. Pretty illustrations too. Sounds like a lovely weekend.

  2. Sounds like a glorious weekend!!!

  3. that weekend sounds absolutely perfect! your blog is adorable--so glad i found it and i'm dying to try making those pumpkin scones! :)


  4. my youngest little one's sixth birthday, visiting friends. Lovely pictures!

    rach xo

  5. Ooh those dresses are lovely as is the shade of blue of your mug.
    I was just talking about figs with a friend the other day as I have not tried fresh ones and yours do look rather fine :)
    My weekend was centered around food, creating and not much else.
    Well done on the sleep.

  6. Once again your life sounds just wonderful. I really wish I was your neighbour and could pop over for a cuppa in that gorgeous mug and some pancakes!!

  7. What a divine weekend. Mine was quite amazing - burlesque, french food, vintage market...all on Saturday!


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