Tuesday, October 19, 2010

angels and demons. . .

she looks like an angel
and she usually is
but life with a nearly three year old
is certainly not without its challenges

this week i attended the positive parenting program
a lot of it is common sense -
some of the strategies I'll use
some are not for us

in all though, I'm feeling rather inspired
empowered and super-mum-like
. . . we're back on track
and enjoying each others company
: :


  1. i have moments of pure frustration (especially with my last one) and then moments of pure joy.
    I believe in giving them lots of love, lots and lots and lots of love - and that way, when you do have to get angry with them, it's okay, because, deep down, they know you love them.
    Hang in there, it doesn't last for long :)

  2. glad you left the program feeling inspired...go super mum!

  3. Great post title and photo to go with it! I went to one of these programs (many years ago) - more for me and managing my parenting. Came away with some great ideas, some I still pass on today. But I agree, you take away what you need from it, we sometimes just need someone to point us in the right direction. Good to hear you are enjoying your times together.

  4. Hmmm, I'm dealing with my own "angel". He comes in the form of a 5-year old.


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