Monday, February 1, 2010

our weekend was. . .

. . . a trip to the farmers markets,

discovering a new beach,

enjoying a swim at an old favourite,

blueberry picking (and eating),

exploring winding country roads,

baking and making . . .


  1. Love the blue fingers - gorgeous! Nic

  2. What a wonderful weekend you had, looks and sounds just perfect.:)

  3. Sounds dreamy.Can't get enough blueberries into my life, yum! Love those little,chubby fingers xo

  4. Hi there! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend . The Albany Farmers Markets would have been good to go to. We were actually in Denmark this weekend - headed down Friday and came back last night. Was a lovely getaway - Denmark is definitely our favourite little town away from home - we try to get down there once a year. We were at Green's Pool on Friday afternoon - such a lovely spot.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!! I love blueberries!!

  6. blissful. how is your pregnancy going? and I'm dying to see pics of your new abode...please post soon. even though we've never met...I am thinking of you x


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