Thursday, February 4, 2010

my (mum's) creative space. . .

Little bits of fabric
Sewn into a quilt
Form a warm and loving blanket
From which memories are built
And when you seek warmth and comfort
In the quiet of the night
It will keep you warm and snug
Until the morning's light

: :

A special quilt for The Little One, made by her Nanny.
A gift for her second birthday. For her big girl bed.
. . . and a wee little one for her the dolls bed too.
Something to treasure.

Thanks Nanny. Thanks Mum.
We love it (and you!).


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  1. The quilts look beautiful, I'm sure they will both be well loved and treasured for many years to come.

  2. Such beautiful fabrics and such a special gift. What a wonderful gift!

  3. What a lovely gift - I love that paisley print fabric!

  4. Love the soft colours in the quilt - what a lovely treasure. xx

  5. oh yeah...gorgeous little special :)

  6. Just so beautiful! Every single fabric by itself and then all together as well. I thought I'd spied the green somewhere before. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. X

  7. How absolutely gorgeous. There's some fabric from your blog header in there! Is it a significant print for you? Part of a garment or something? I love a story... and I'm dreaming of making a similar scrap quilt.

  8. Beautiful quilt and so special, as is the lovely poem. Inspired I am!

  9. How lovely - something to be treasured for sure.

  10. Hello....I found your blog via Kootoyoo. I just love it. Will definetely be checking back in regularly. Melinda xo

  11. There is nothing more precious - just gorgeous. Minnie
    plays with my little dolls quilt that mum made when I was a tiny girl. I hope that Minnie's future babies do the same.

  12. so pretty and so special! the little one is a really lucky girl xx


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