Wednesday, February 10, 2010

in the kitchen. . .

We've been busy today.

Sprouting some mung beans.

Starting some sourdough starter.
Because we miss having these guys just down the road.

Making good old fashioned CWA Butter Biscuits.
Like playdough you can eat!

Pickling eggplants, Stephanie style.
A staple on an antipasto platter.

Buzzing up a big batch of hummus for lunch.
Healthy and yummy.

. . . and the parrots have decimated the apple tree again.
So looks like it's time to make another apple & rhubarb tart.

It's a good thing I have such an insatiable appetite these days!
Who wants to join me?


  1. yes please, it would be a pleasure

  2. You are making me hungry!! Biscuits look yum and that pie looks delicious :)

  3. those biscuits look fantastic!
    hope you enjoyed the pie.

  4. Look really scrummy!!! How do you make the sourdough starter please - I'd love to know????

  5. oh...i would love to share the sour dough starter recipe...if i may
    and that pie looks too good to eat!!
    sweet day :)


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