Sunday, June 14, 2009

dreaming of the shack

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In my minds eye I see The Shack as a rustic place filled with lots of sunlight and white on white.

In reality there will be no creaky worn floor boards or tongue-in-groove walls. It will be a shiny new building where the paint is fresh and the walls are plumb. But rest assured everything inside will have a history and a story to tell. Nothing has been purchased new. Every item salvaged, gifted or thrifted.

I love old buildings and their quirky charm. I grew up in creaky farmhouses with big sweeping verandahs, solid timber fittings and open fire places. Perhaps that's why I'm drawn to these types of homes now.

The builder has asked for a two week extension, so we won't be getting down there until the end of the month. More time to fossick and collect the final bits and pieces we'll need to make it cosy and comfortable.


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