Wednesday, May 21, 2014

the first year . . .

it never gets old. even the third time around. that indescribable moment when you first lay eyes on them. the first deep inhale of that new baby smell. the inspection of fingers and toes. first feed. first bath. that first gummy smile that makes your heart melt. when they roll over. sit up. start to move. when that first tooth finally breaks through. the first time they clap hands. wave bye-bye. the first glimpses of their personality. the first sloppy open mouth kiss. the first words {dada, ay-ya, boo-bee}. the thrill of that first wobbly step. the sudden arrival of their first birthday and the relief of knowing you've made it through the first year. 

the magical unfurling ~ from a tiny baby to a little person. 

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{there is not much that a third born really needs in the way of gifts. when stuck on you offered to send some things for oscar, i was pleased to discover a range of practical personalised gift ideas, perfect for a one-year-old. we have been using their labels for many years now. i was glad to find the great quality and design extends to their other products as well. here's where you can find the singlet, wheelie bag and wooden name puzzle}


  1. Happy birthday beautiful Oscar!

  2. Hi gorgeous little man (and gorgeous mama)! Miss you all too much xx

  3. A big happy birthday! What a gorgeous little man :) x

  4. Happy birthday Oscar! I hope things are getting better for you and you are getting more sleep x

  5. What gorgeous colours in your pics! It's so nice to see one of our Wooden Puzzles in their natural habitat. :-)

  6. Happy First Birthday Oscar!!! Such a gorgeous little man...x

    PS.I left a reply about the word verification thingy over on my blog...:-)

  7. Hooray for first birthdays and the first year full of firsts. Well done mama made it :) Nicole x


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