Wednesday, May 7, 2014

some random notes and pictures. . .

you know it's autumn when there are proteas on the table. 
these are from my mum's garden. 
she turns 60 this week!
happy birthday mum. xo

this guy loves to have his picture taken. 
he also gives the biggest and best squeezes.
he turns four soon. 
(it's birthday season around here)

these two love to bike ride. 
they pedal ridiculously long distances together.
we got the bike trailer at the tip-shop for $10!
it's been the greatest thing ever. 

she recently lost her second baby tooth. 
i see her transforming before my very eyes. 
she's moving into a new phase of life.
(i think this deserves a post all of its own)

sam and i are into our first week of the whole30.
no dairy, grains, sugar or alcohol
and a whole lot of meat and veg.
for 30 days we're jumping on the paleo bandwagon!

next week the baby turns ONE!
and, phew, what a wild year it's been. 
he's a non-stop 'round the clock action man.
he's very cute and and i'm very exhausted.

: :

{this time last year we were waiting, waiting}


  1. So many birthdays! Happy celebrating with your beautiful family. Do you really think you should have started the paleo thing before the first cake had been cut? (I always save my detox for after the last candle has been blown out) xx

    1. That's exactly why I started now! Just baked and iced a cake for mum and didn't even lick my finger once!

  2. ^^ yes good point re cake! Maybe you can have an exception to the whole30 for birthday cake? Love every single picture, especially that last one! we're in birthday season around here too and it's quite lovely.

  3. Love love love these beautiful photos Rachel! I can't believe Oscar is 1, that year has seriously flown!! And happy big 6-0 to your Mum....Mel xxx

  4. The bike trailer is a bargain! I have been looking for one on gumtree for a while. Hope you had a good mothers day and happy birthday to Oscar and your mummy x

  5. It really is birthday season for you. Enjoy. Gorgeous photos too btw.


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