Wednesday, July 17, 2013

around here . . .

there's heavy rain outside. general disarray inside. craft and cubbies. 
there's a fire roaring. a husband who brings in the wood. keeps us warm.
there's the school holidays. at the halfway mark. three weeks in all.
there's a hot cup of tea. followed by another. and then another. 
there's a mountain of washing. from a week in the city. draped here and there.
there are details to record. in the fleeting spare moments. before i forget. 
there are slippers on feet. beanies on heads. pajamas at noon.
there's chai simmering. on top of the fire. the slow cooker's on. 
there's evidence of winter. everywhere i look. around here.


  1. Lovely photos, your china tea cup and saucer is gorgeous by the way, looks perfect!


  2. Such beautiful images. The tea cup photo is divine.

  3. This makes me want to pour a steaming mug of tea, cosy up under a blanket and watch the raindrops at the window. A beautiful capture of winter x

  4. Your words, thoughts and photos are always beautiful Rachel x

  5. The way you've described winter in your home makes me love it even more :) Has been freezing here today, I've not ventured too far from the heater this afternoon and like you have been enjoying endless cups of warming tea and draping washing all over our living area in an attempt to dry at least one load!! x

  6. Winter is looking and sounding gorgeous over at yours. There's washing draped over everything inside here too. I only noticed Oscar there on the couch on my second look at your pictures - so lovely. Mel x

  7. that never ending rain. here too: slow cookers, pjs as uniform, washing everywhere, and those endless cuos of tea. also pups desperate for a run. come on mr sun. xx

  8. I just spotted Oscar too, hello there! Of the many things I admire you for, keeping that couch clean ranks right up there! I just found pizza down the back of our couch. Must see each other soon. Can we come and play when my big boys go back to school next week?

  9. Sounds perfect, I love winter xo

  10. Sounds oh so cozy! Lovely images!

  11. I hear you...we have just returned from holidays and the weather is not helping with all the washing and drying that needs to be done.....just can picture a nice roaring fire to snuggle in front of. xxx

  12. Your home looks so cosy. I love that shot of the steaming cup of tea. x

  13. Sounds very familiar to here in chilly Victoria, warm fires, hot cuppas, piles of washing, beanies daily, slow cookers...ahh winter! Lovely photos and words also! The baby journal looks beautiful, can I ask where it is from?

    1. Hi Dre.

      It's from a company called Write to Me. They have an online shop with big cartel.


  14. What gorgeous photographs. I'm really not a fan of the cold but these images make me want to curl up inside on a cold rainy day with a cup of tea! Thank you


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