Sunday, March 10, 2013

32 weeks | the final quarter countdown . . .

autumn has arrived and that means we get to meet this new baby of ours within the next couple of months. 

the birth pool is here and i need to work out where we are going to set it up when the time comes. our living area is surrounded by big glass windows on all sides. completely exposed. but it's also the nicest spot to be. 

visits from my midwife have become more frequent now. we'll be catching up every other week for a cuppa-chat and check.

we've dusted off our old copy of hello baby. the talk in this house about the new baby has cranked up a notch. 

this little person inside feels like it's all pointy knees and elbows.
in a way that often takes my breath away or makes me cry out in surprise. 

i've booked in a couple of acupuncture appointments to help this baby get here on time and the right way down. {i've never had acupuncture before!}

pregnancy insomnia has reared its ugly head. heartburn too. 

i've been chatting with the baby regularly about not being too big or too late.
{in my mind, and from past experience, the two go hand in hand}

a big long body pillow has become my bedfellow of choice. i'm longing to sleep on my tummy again. 

we're as stumped as ever on a boys name.
{I'm starting to question my initial certainty that this one is a girl}

after serving two children for two years each, i really need to freshen up our cloth nappy supply.
i'm toying with the idea of sewing my own. 

i'm reading birth stories religiously and snuggling up in bed each week to watch the midwives on my laptop.

life is feeling just a little too busy for my liking at the moment. i'm craving more downtime to just potter at home.

i'm plucking leaves from the raspberry canes on the back fence and then drying them to make tea.  

i've unpacked and sorted all the teeny tiny baby clothes and felt disbelief that my kids were ever that small.

i'm imaging myself labouring through the night by candlelight. i always do, even though both times it's happened across the course of the day. 

you would think by third time around i would know that things like candles and music will not matter to me one bit when i'm in labour. . . and yet these things are still on my mind.  

i'm fairly certain, from past experience, that the labour will include bouncing on a fit ball and being immersed in water. i'm not sure i could do it without either. 

i think aila is going to be a great big sister. she's old enough this time around to have a good appreciation of what is going on.

i'm looking at my baby boy and finding it hard to imagine him not being my baby anymore.

i'm feverishly poring over the calendar and making appointments left right and centre. trying to get things done right up until my due date. then after that . . . a whole lot of nothing. just baby gazing.

i'm getting excited anticipating that moment when the veil is lifted and we get to meet this new person.  


  1. I had both my boys in the birthing pool, such an amazing experience. The light in this photo is just beautiful. xo

  2. How wonderful! I think the candlelight sounds perfect! And how fantastic that your little ones will have a new sibling!!! We have 3 and it rounds things out in a perfect way that I can not explain. All the best to you and your family in the months ahead! Your photo is beautiful!!!

  3. I can so relate to this - all of it! although I'm 37 weeks now and excitement is slowly being overtaken by fear. I love, love, LOVE this photo by the way, I wish I had one as nice as this of me :(

  4. Beautiful photo and thoughts Rach. I still haven't had one decent belly shot this pregnancy. I am officially on go-slow after a few contractions last night, so no more yoga for me. Just a whole lot of couch time! xx

  5. not too long now, very exciting. I'd have loved a home birth, it would have been just right for my last two. You look wonderful, take care..x

  6. looking beautiful, loved reading your thoughts too, and remember those final weeks before baby surfaces, take care xx

  7. so excited for you. reading this post brings back all those pre baby thoughts that one has. love that photo of you x

  8. This is such a lovely post. I am excited for you, just from reading your words. These last weeks are precious but it sounds like you are prepared. Beautiful photo of you!

    Gillian x

  9. Oh so so exciting. I love this and i love that time. Enjoy every

  10. You look stunning!
    I loved this stage of pregnancy, the preparations and dreami g in the new babe. I, too, got the candles ready for my third and she was born in daylight! Still, the nesting was divine.
    So exciting!

    P.s we loved that book too - so beautifully told.

  11. Oh I have a big happy smile on my face :-) I'm really just so excited for you. Such a lovely time. It was only a few months ago for me but it already feels like such a distant memory (sob!) ....enjoy those lovely final months of being pregnant and spending time with your gorgeous two. Mel x

  12. Beautiful post. Such happy times ahead for you and your precious family. I've heard good things about acupuncture... hope it works for you too x

  13. *lump in my throat*
    beautiful mama, both your words and your belly. Enjoy these last precious week.


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