Monday, March 18, 2013

11/52 : a portrait project. . .

aila : my gidget girl. sam has been taking her out on his board lately. 
elliot : 'i want something the food' he tells me all day long. this boy is an eating machine.  

: :

{a portrait of my people once a week, every week, in 2013 ~
i'm joining with jodi and taking part in the 52 project}


  1. love your wind blown surf shot

  2. oh my! so so fabulous! Just a glorious day by the water, captured oh so well. xo

  3. oh little surfie girl! my partner can't wait for jess to be old enough to take her surfing. x

  4. Excellent pictures in motion.

  5. Oh, ha! Elliot has me giggling. So funny when they get so into food. My friends little boy (who I have a day a week) will grab a handbag, try to rummage through it and bellow 'EAT! EAT!'.

    Congrants on your gorgeous bump, I'm a bit slow!


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