Wednesday, February 13, 2013

this pregnancy | so far . . .

we're well into february already. in just three months our new baby will {hopefully} be here with us.

i'm approaching 29 weeks now. this puts my estimated due date around the first week in may. i'm trying not to get too fixated on a date. aila was a week 'early' and elliot a week 'late.' i'm thinking of it more as a due month this time, if you give or take a couple of weeks. 

that also puts us pretty firmly in baby taurus territory. some of the nearest and dearest people in my life are taureans, so i'm well versed in the ways of the bull.

this will be our autumn baby. aila arrived in january on the back of a scorching heat wave. elliot in june in front of a roaring wood fire. sam and i are both spring babies. this little one will round out our family nicely. 

on that note, i can fairly confidently say that our family will be complete with the safe arrival of this baby. i feel like i've reached that point. it's a good place to be. 

as i move into the third trimester i can feel myself slowing down again. the hot weather we've had lately has put a stop to too much energetic activity. i'm also hearing the call of the suitcases full of baby clothes. so much joy in the sorting, the washing and the folding. 

after such a positive experience with elliot's birth, we are hoping for another home birth. attended by the same midwife {and friend} who was with us last time. assuming everything remains low risk, at home and in the water is a pretty fabulous way to bring a baby into the world. 

i'm kind of addicted to the raw power of birth. the euphoria after. the new baby smell. i'm curious to see how this journey will unfold {and just a little concerned this baby will be larger than elliot's 9lb 8oz}.

this pregnancy seems to have gone much quicker than my others. it also feels like it's been the toughest. mostly due to fatigue and a few bouts of sickness. when i was pregnant with aila i worked full time. with elliot, we packed up our city house and moved to the country. i'm not sure i'd have it in me to achieve such feats this time around. 

i've treated myself to a relaxing massage once a month for the duration of this pregnancy. my mum has also been on hand to administer regular bowen therapy. easing the aches and pains i usually encounter with my wonky back.

i had visions of keeping up my regular and rigorous yoga routine throughout this pregnancy. in reality i've barely had the energy to get off the couch. fortunately a dear friend has started providing prenatal yoga classes. beautiful, gentle and nurturing yoga once a week. just what i need.

elliot informed me recently, while inspecting my growing belly, that 'the newborn baby will just crawl out of your belly button.' if only it were that easy. his big sister quickly set him straight on how these things work.

early on in the pregnancy our discussions arrived fairly easily at a girls name that we both adored {and we think it's a girl in there}. coming up with a boys name, on the other hand, has been such a struggle. if it's a boy, aila insists he be called johnny handsome. any other suggestions are most welcome.

mostly this pregnancy has just ticked away quietly in the background, as i'm sure a lot third babies do. it's usually when i tumble into bed, exhausted at the end of the day, that i get a chance to really notice and connect with the person growing inside.

i can't wait to welcome this little bundle into our world. not long now. 

: :

{this picture was taken by sam in thailand at about 25 weeks pregnant. 
wouldn't baby growing be a breeze if this was all that daily life consisted of.}


  1. also pregnant with my third, also due beginning of may. your words do ring true, third pregnancies are in the background and definitely the hardest ;? xx

  2. so lovely. My pregnancy just seemed to happen in the background too, it went way too quickly for me I loved every moment of the 2nd nd third trimester. It still blows me away that already she is here with us. Enjoy..x

  3. You look glorious hope birth goes beautifully I have 2 boys.would live another boy or girl but we shall see.

  4. Pregnancy massage is great. I did this all the way through my third. My body just ached so much more. And you have little ones to run around after too. Take care. Elaina xo

  5. It's all so very exciting. And I love Johnny Handsome! Kellie xx

  6. Hear, hear. Johnny Handsome! I love it x

  7. Oh to be lying on a banana lounge with a book, says she who is 34 weeks and suffering internal ninja kicks and thanking all the gods that this is the last day of work until the wee one arrives.
    Wishing you health, happiness and a wonderful birth.
    Wishing me a banana lounge and a cocktail. One day..... :o)

  8. Great photo Rachel, I barely have one photo of myself throughout my two pregnancies, not that I am too worried about it. A lovely memory to have though! Pregnancy certainly would be a breeze with a few more moments like these x

  9. Boys names are so hard! I was sure i was having a girl, hubby & i had agreed on several girls names & couldn't agree on a single boys one. Lucky for us my intuition was right or else we'd have a boy with no name. That is such a beautiful photo of you with your glorious bubba bump.

  10. I love that photo. You do have a full time job right now, running around after two small children, so it's no wonder you are tired! Well done on your home water birth, I bet that was incredible. My two babies were induced in hospital at 42 weeks (the longest they'll let you go overdue in the UK). They were just too cosy in there. But at 9lb 13oz and 9lb 3oz, I know what it's like to bypass the newborn onesies and go straight for the 0-3 month clothes.

    Gillian x

  11. Wonderful news and for the record I LOVE Johnny Handsome!!

  12. Not new to your blog, but new to leaving a comment :) Just wanted to say that I am so with you on being addicted to the raw power of birth. I only have one child, but had her naturally and was completely "in the moment". It was the absolute great feeling and accomplishment of my life....and while I did not at all fall in love with pregnancy, I loved birth - I always thought I was a little strange for that :) Good luck with your Autumn baby - I have one, too - she's a keeper :)

  13. How wonderful. My second was also at home and a bonnie 10 pound eleven ounces! Made me smile about the due date. After my first went "over" 5 weeks!!( not a misprint )I lied about the date of my second who only went "over" 2 weeks. Both were born at home and really came when they were ready. The doctors were concerned but when pushed could only tell me that they induce because that is the way it is! The only study my Dr found was in Europe somewhere when babies were left to full term and there was no proved risk to bub unless there is a decrease in fluid in the uterus. So I was monitored for fluid and bub was moving and all was well. Interestingly my midwife had her bub at 45 weeks too in England 25 years ago.

    I just think your children have the most wonderful life.... so blessed.

    All the best
    PS love the name Ned for a lad!

  14. Johnny handsome would be perfect!
    Am craving another already and have a one month old. Hmmm, hormones! Xx

  15. Love the name Fenn for a boy if i could have more than one child thats what my son would have been called though I do have the most wonderful daughter mattie so I am blessed

  16. Your middie is passionate and lovely, and what a beautiful place to give birth. My third was a surprise boy (in a planned kitchen birth) which we joyfully named Floyd, a name we had loved for 8 years. The other boy names on my list through the baby years were Seamus, Lenny/Leonard, Fergus and......Tex. Floyd was very very nearly a Tex, but in the end we just KNEW he was a Floyd.

    Margaret River

  17. It's great that you were able to do prenatal yoga classes. Not only does it help in keeping healthy during the pregnancy, but is beneficial to both mom and baby. While you wouldn't have preferred a rigorous workout, pairing prenatal yoga with massages and Bowen therapy helped ease the back pains and discomfort. Having said all that, congratulations on the birth of your son! I wish the best to you and the rest of your family.


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