Tuesday, February 19, 2013

for rent | our city house . . .

if you have been visiting here since the early days, you may remember this house.
it was our home-sweet-home before we made the move to the south coast. 
it's where aila spent the first two years of her life.

for the past few years we've rented it to two gorgeous people who have cared for it like it was their own. 
they've been dream tenants. now it's time for them to move on. 
they're getting married soon and have bought a home of their own. 

if you are looking for a place to rent, or know someone who is, you can contact me here for more details. 

: :

{this property is located in mt hawthorn : perth : western australia
and will be available in the week after easter}


  1. Your home looks lovely, Lucy! If I could only move to Australia, I would definitely seek for your home. Anyway, have you tried posting this advertisement on other sites that you’re affiliated with? Or perhaps asked for help of a rental management services company which could help you screen people?

    Von Madison

  2. Very interesting topic, thanks for posting.

  3. That’s a wonderful home! I’m sure that the couples who rented it enjoyed and had amazing years of stay in your rental home. If ever I’ll be renting a new house soon, something like this one will be on top my list! You’re not going to have a hard time attracting tenants if you have a home as beautiful as this one.


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