Thursday, November 1, 2012

feels like a good day. . .

when you get outside and immerse yourself in nature. when you get your legs moving and your heart pumping. when you have a couple of good nights sleep under your belt. when you are connecting with people in your community. when you notice all the little details that a two-year-old notices. when good health and energy starts to return. when you've just booked a tropical holiday. when you know that friends are looking out for you. when you shake up your usual routine. when there are good things to read. when you are making things for you. when there are new and exciting things on the horizon.


  1. Sounds like a bloody fantastic day!
    x Joanna

  2. Love your words Rachel...something in there for all of us I think!

  3. Oh, that's a very good day, yes. xx

  4. Magic! A big yes to the nature and the restful sleep. A day started with mismatched china, vintage cutlery and tea has to be good too. Wishing you a beautiful Friday :) x

  5. Oh yes indeed, they are all good, good things! Especially the full nights sleep...I could do with some of that myself. x


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