Tuesday, October 23, 2012

my brother's wedding. . .

1. gorgeous flowers. great band. 
2. party animal.
3. aila after her first visit to the hairdresser.
4. handsome boys. 
5. pretty cocktails on the lawn. 
6. hanging with my brother, the groom. 
7. the bride {my new sister-in-law} wore vera wang.
8. wearing her 'mina-pash'

: :

it was a beautiful wedding and a wonderful week 
catching up with family and friends, old and new. 


  1. Gorgeous photos! My sister wore a Vera Wang gown at her wedding in May - so beautiful......

  2. Just beautiful. I love Elliot's waistcoast, Aila's dress and those jam-jar cocktails. And those lovely Vera Wang ruffles.

  3. I love Vera Wang! Gorgeous gowns... Beautiful photos :) I want a cocktail now!

    Sophie xo

  4. So lovely! I love the cocktails in the jars! And you look gorgeous in that blue.

  5. Geez, I love weddings. Just from a few photographed snippets of the day, you can tell it was one of those real goodies!

  6. so so beautiful! you all look so gorgeous xx

  7. Everything looks so beautiful- what a dream day. The children are adorable.

  8. Such beautiful photos! I loved that glimpse of the bride's dress, all swishing ruffles. Aila's hair is gorgeous. And "mina-pash" - too cute! x

  9. you look so beautiful - such a great colour blue you're wearing. Love the last shot, your wee man's waistcoat and those ruffles, swoon...


  10. What a glorious day! Congratulations to your brother and his new wife (whose dress looks amazing, even the little bit we can see!). x

  11. These pics are beautiful! Looks like a lovely day. x


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