Thursday, August 16, 2012

on the mat . . .

i'm making an effort to find space each day for yoga
usually half an hour, sometimes more, sometimes less

my mat permanently rolled out, ready and waiting
if there's a child free window, that's where you'll find me

with a copy of iyengar's 'light on yoga' {the bible of yoga}
i'm working my way through his week by week program

breathing in. breathing out. stretching. twisting. observing. adjusting.
feeling the benefits all over. body, mind and spirit. 

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  1. How I envy you. I'm hoping a later start to my working day will soon mean I can do the same.

  2. I also have my yoga mat rolled out in my new yoga room. I start the day with the sun sequence every day, it's what gets me through the day. xxx

  3. Good luck getting some child free moments. I hope to have some me time this arvo if Craig gets home from work early.

  4. having the mat out permanently is definately a great way to get more mat time! enjoy your moments xxx

  5. I so admire your commitment. that is what i need to do. Keep going. Jx

  6. Hi Rachel, I've been reading about all the changes happening in your life. A change in eating, ditching facebook and regular yoga practice. Plus all the other lovely things in your life (like your busy honey bees!). This must be your year for turning things around. I'm really happy for you! and I imagine these things are giving your mind, body and soul both energy and peace. xx

    PS. I've been meaning to tell you that I've been using your surface spray recipe for a while now and I'm so unbelievably happy with it. Thank you :)


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