Friday, August 17, 2012

good things . . .

returning home this week
to a dozen or so daffodils
& a dozen or so eggs

some beds made
some washing folded
pockets of calm in the chaos

                                                                   a lovely morning
spent playing & chatting 

an armful of flowers
we picked from the roadside
on our way home

a parcel in the mail
sent to us from daylesford
wrapped in gorgeous floral fabric

lovely laces and pieces
found at the op-shop this week
that sit perfectly with that floral fabric

plans to spend an afternoon
sitting at the sewing machine
making a new dress for aila

anticipating sam's return home
he's been away a lot lately
and we miss him heaps

: :


  1. nice home returning moment. it sounds so peaceful too.
    have a great day!

  2. Beautiful shots, I love the one of the bed.

  3. hi lucy,

    thank you so much for your comment on my blog! i adore your blog it's so cute + your name is so cute!

    just started following you now :)


  4. Lovely, calm photos, and nice to see daffodils. I always love to see that bright yellow flower after winter, a sign that spring is not far off.

  5. Gorgeous photos Lucy! Beautiful things to come home too x

  6. Look at that wattle pop. Isn't it glorious at the moment?

  7. oohhh, gorgeous garden picks... lovely!

  8. Oh Rach-I have the EXACT same floral fabric. Think its from a bedsheet set! I should send it on to you! x

  9. Where did you get the eggs? They look like they came from free range chickens.


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