Tuesday, July 17, 2012

bonus. . .

i returned from my week away
to find my boy toilet trained.
just like that. 

: :

... and today i packed away the nappies
relieved at the prospect of slightly less washing
and a little sad that he's shedding his babyhood so quickly. 


  1. cute pics! Captures this age so well. It is always both a happy & a sad thing when they move on to another stage.

  2. That's fantastic even if it's a little sad to pass another milestone.

  3. No nappy is a biggie. Well done little man :)

  4. such a great milestone that one.
    do you have boy undies?
    i have a bag of white new ones i can send.
    you could dye them or use them white.
    let me know. xx

  5. Oh fantastic. Such a proud moment for both of you :0)

  6. Whaaaaaaaat??? That's brilliant! My boy just turned three and is still completely refusing to use potty or toilet. Maybe I need to go on a yoga retreat and see if he does it while I'm gone... x

  7. Well done that's great but I understand the hint of sadness that comes with such a big milestone too. xx

  8. oh what a big (little) boy! He must have wanted to achieve something in your absence to make you proud on your return! Too cute x


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