Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ready for winter. . .

our bees are hard at work
repairing and refilling the comb
while the nectar still flows

busy preparing their hive
so they can huddle within
for the winter months

on these sunny autumn days
we have been busy too
preparing in our own way

chopping and stacking firewood
washing the winter woollens
working the knitting needles

 : :

i think I'm ready
for the winter retreat


  1. Gorgeous pics.
    We have also been busy, busy, busy little bees.
    But I will never be ready for the cold.'
    I am dreading it. xx

  2. These are gorgeous photos of your busy bees. I'm looking forward to cuddling up inside and staying warm. x

  3. Beautiful words and photos. We are preparing to snuggle down for Winter too. I'm quite looking forward to it :)

  4. I'm as ready for winter as your bees are :)

  5. Yes beautiful pics indeed. May the sun keep shining as bright as those sunflowers all through winter. I am so not ready for it! I'm dreaming already of our winter escape.

  6. Stunning photos, I am definitely going to show these to my daughter - she will be fascinated to see the close up of the bee.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog.

  7. My eldest son has been talking alot about Sunflowers since I got him to eat the seeds. I enjoy these pics and he would love these too.

  8. I've been sitting out in the sun after lunch eat day next to buzzing busy bees, they sound gorgeous as i read my afternoon away. Love school holidays, we're only half way, yahoo. Love Posie

  9. oh me too, and i am usually never ready for winter. x

  10. I am having major lens envy ;-)

  11. It is so strange how we are all so opposite. My body yearns for summer, for that hot sun on my skin! I can't believe you're gearing up for winter! Enjoy it, though :)

  12. I know what you mean - I think I'm ready to hibernate for winter and it hasn't even arrived yet!

  13. Stunning photos Rach. Hope you are enjoying your wood fire as the rain beats down today. xx

  14. Lovely detailed photos. I love preparing for Winter. The shorter, cooler days, the morning fogs and the growing pile of firewood (thanks to hubby).


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