Monday, April 16, 2012

days like these. . .

delicious warm sunny days
crisp mornings and cool evenings

no fierce winds
to force us inside

staying outside for hours
without being cooked by the sun

enough dampness around
to keep the garden happy

the occasional beach day
when we head to the water

some gumboots and raincoat days
a hint of things to come

anticipation of days cold enough 
to sit by our new fire

sitting out on the deck
and taking in the crystal clear view

our little corner of the world
is at her best right now

: :

some sneaky pictures of aila
i captured during the honey harvest
{bless the telephoto lens}


  1. What a beautiful post. And those

  2. breathtaking pics Rachel!
    have a lovely week X

  3. I know I have said it before but your life sounds so wonderful, calm, peaceful, fun and while I am sure it cant be perfect all the time (please tell me that sometimes you have down days) you always seem to make the most of life and I really admire that!

  4. These photos are beautiful Rachel, the colour behind your little one has given these pictures a magical glow. x

  5. I love days like these.
    Sublime pics Rach :)

  6. Rachel, your blog is always such a beautiful, peaceful place to visit. Such a lovely post.

  7. So lovely, Rachel. What a beautiful time of year it is. Enjoy your lovely new fire:)

  8. Stunning pictures, which bring a smile to my face. Thank you. x

  9. Beauuuutiful photos....Sunshine and gorgousness all wrapped up in that post.
    Love it.


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