Sunday, February 26, 2012

scenes from hawaii : oahu

gentle beach days. a spot of sightseeing. supersized meals. big waves. tropical sunsets. shave ice rainbows. shrimp trucks. an early morning hike. a hotel on the beach. street cruising. kava smoothies. yoga in the park. best burgers. smiling faces. hole in the wall dinners. coffee in the morning. wine in the evening. early nights. a trip to the north shore. surfing off waikiki. ultimate people watching. lazy days.

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  1. It looks fantastic! We've been thinking of going to Hawaii for ages ~ any recommendations gratefully accepted! How was the flight for the little-uns?

  2. Just a bit of holiday envy going on here!! Enjoy :)

  3. oh it looks like it was blissful. happy days x

  4. How wonderful.
    Must say I am loving that red bike!!

  5. That looks so wonderful. I'm with Lizeylou, that bike looks gorgeous!


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