Thursday, February 9, 2012

aloha. . .

just found out this week
we're off to Hawaii

.... on Sunday!

nothing like
a spontaneous family holiday
to shake up the routine

any hot tips on hawaii
{oahu & hawaii island}
or surviving long haul flights
with children

: :

a hui hou
{until we meet again}


  1. I'm jealous you lucky lady! I don't really have tips for the kiddies, I struggle to keep myself entertained on flights. In flight entertainment is generally free on long flights with kiddy channels and movies. Lot's of snacks can do the trick too. Have an amazing time.

  2. Ooh- how exciting! Long haul with kids isn't as bad as it sounds - lots of bonuses too like getting on the plane first and getting your food before everyone else! have a great time :)

  3. Um...what!!? how does that happen, and how can I make that happen to me??
    Have super fun, can't wait to see the pics when you get back.
    Rach x

  4. Yah holidays. Take comfortable kids size ear phones for movies as adult size is too big. Have a sticker book stash and order the kids meal before you fly. I had a magnet dress up dolly book for Lucy too. A blank book they can draw pictures of their adventure, a glue stick and lots of colored bits of paper to make pictures. Hola... Have fun.

  5. Exciting! My tips for kids on long haul flights ~ iPads are wonderful and worth their weight in entertainment gold (you can download games, activities, fave shows and movies - hours of fun!); colouring book and crayons; blank notepad for drawing; cards (eg snap); and a few snacks from home as often the food is a little yuck for kids! Have a ball!!

  6. How fun! My fam just went a year ago to Oahu. Be sure to eat some plate lunches, REAL shave ice, check out Haleiwa, Diamond Head, and go to a swap meet at the stadium for souveniers. But go on Wednesday not saturday. It's cheaper!

  7. Friday fireworks on waikiki beach. Don't miss it. it's amazing!
    Have a lovely time.

  8. what the?? How did that happen? Sam's work? Win the lottery?

  9. You MUST watch The Descendants before you go...all set in Hawaii (and George of course!)

    Have a fab holiday!


  10. um... awesome!!!
    Happy travels little lady.

  11. Have a fabulous time you lucky ducky.

    I, along with rach, would like to know how such a spontaneous o/s trip arises? x

  12. Have a lovely time, Rachel. Here's a little welcome back gift from me to you x

    this is the link text

  13. I hope Hawaii is fab. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures!

  14. Oh that is great!

    I am sure you will come up with ways to entertain children... Hope the inflight TV do wonders? Snacks, favourite toys, books etc etc etc!

  15. Were all jealous. We want to lie in the sun all day long and sip on yummy drinks.


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