Monday, December 12, 2011

good things. . .

a tower of cake tins from
katie at grow cook sew*

some lotions and potions from
georgi at a pastiche

an organic cotton change mat cover
from kylie at eco nino

it looks like christmas came early
for me this year!

thank you for these gorgeous gifts
lovely ladies of the interwebs

: :

* after a few emails back and forth
katie and i discovered that our husbands
were friends in primary school!


  1. It is such a small (blog) world.. In WA anyway!
    So glad they arrived safely!

  2. oh i feel all shy - 'lovely ladies of the interwebs' ..the words just go together so well. and then to realise you mean to include me. totally lovely and absolutely unexpected. xx

    ps. I am ever so glad you did not show my 'card' in there :-p

  3. It really is such a small world :)

    Love those cake tins, they are fab!


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