Wednesday, July 6, 2011

memory. . .

my papa used to grow
rows of red radishes
in his veggie patch
in the back yard

i remember him
as a big gruff
gentle sensitive man
who loved his grandkids

he was a hands on
father and loving husband
who made a big impact
in the few years i knew him

this week he would have turned 83

: :

happy birthday papa


  1. Happy birthday to your Papa!
    Mine turned 93 yesterday. He never grew radishes but he is pretty is awesome and is travelling over seas at the moment for three months and might meet us in Perth later in the year to show us the farm her grew up on.

  2. All of my Grandfathers died when I was quite young. I have special memories of each of them, but especially of my great-grandfather, Cecil. He was 4 foot tall so everyone called him Spot! I remember him as an 80-something year old playing his harmonica while vigorously stomping his foot in time, and playing 'snap' with us (a very loud version designed to give us a fright!). But the best memory would have to be when he did headstands in the lounge!

  3. beautiful spot underneath the orange tree.

    Lovely memories

  4. What wonderful memories you have to share with your children :)


  5. Yesterday I told you of my grandad who never grew radishes, today I want to tell you of my hubby that does. Gorgeous rainbow coloured, heirloom varieties of organic radishes. Check them and him out on this video:

  6. Those precious memories are so special. I love thinking of my grandfather who sits high in my heart.

  7. Lovely memories... he sounds like a wonderful man. x

  8. All grandfathers should grow radishes! It sounds so right. I imagine he was lovely.


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