Monday, May 16, 2011

lunch. . .

tomatoes from the veggie patch.
basil from a friend's garden.
lemon from the tree.
organic olive oil from my in-law's grove.
bread from the oven.

now we just need to grow some garlic,
then i think we've got it covered.

: :

what's for lunch at your place today?


  1. Do you realise how fabulously LUCKY you are to have inlaws with an olive grove?!? What a perk.

  2. I'm afraid it was tinned baked beans on shop purchased sourdough bread and graed cheese with left over roast vegies from last night.

    Our tommies ended up staying so green. Not enough sun. But it is glorious now.

    Enjoy. Yum Yum bruschetta.

    jill x

  3. completely envious ... yummo!!

  4. My brother in law has an Olive Grove can drink the oil like wine it's that good! Hope you enjoyed your lunch...looks good!


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