Saturday, May 14, 2011

home. . .

we're spending more and more time up at the block.
harvesting and planting. in the bath. sharing a drink or a meal.
dreaming and discussing details.
watching our new home unfold.

a born and bred farmer's daughter, i know only too well
how important rain is. whether you are on the land or not.
to fill the tanks and dams. to make things grow. for life.
but each morning i make a guilty little wish for another sunshiny day.

a team of hard-working non-surfing chippies
putting in long hours,
plus a run of 'good' weather,
means we are a week ahead of schedule.

. . . and although it's early days,
without even walls or a roof,
already it's feeling like home.
it's where my heart is.

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  1. what an amazing view you're all going to have! special times!

    we finished building at the end of last year and i really enjoyed the creative process. it's a beautiful place where we play and sleep...but not "home" yet.


  2. Your post just gave me delicious goosebumps. Gosh I hope we get to do that one day.
    The view you have is stunning, absolutely stunning. I hope you post more pictures of the house slowing growing.

  3. oh what a lovely spot, you are lucky to have a shack, we would like to buy or build a shack on day, maybe Augusta or Denmark. Bathing in the outdoors is wonderful, soooo relaxing.

  4. You will certainly have an amazing view. It is really exciting seeing your home unfold from a drawing on paper to reality. Look forward to seeing it's progress.

  5. Oh wow! Wishing you enough sunny days to see your dream fulfilled and enough rain to make it grow.

  6. Oh my, what a view! That looks like a wonderful piece of earth - and congrats on the slab - always a milestone.

    Can't wait to see the progress and how it all comes together!

    x claire

  7. The bath looks like it has maybe the best view.. Will you keep it there?

    Wondering what your slab is of, is it fibro sheeting or wood or other?

    Cheers to you.

    jill x

  8. Also the non surfer chippees reference made me smile.

  9. What a beautiful spot! Beautiful blog too, love discovering a new one to follow. I look forward to seeing your house :)

  10. wow - it looks like a dream come true.

  11. oh goodness me! what an amazing view! you lucky lady1 thanks for visiting me over at my spot! funny how tiny the blog world is, huh!

    liking the loom of that white wine ;)

    xo em

  12. oh gosh Rach, that view! Unbelievable beautiful. Can't wait to see this home unfold x

  13. This post is so heart-warming! I'm so excited for you!

  14. such a calming post and beautiful views to boot - can't wait to watch this home evolve.

  15. Oohh, what a beautiful home you have ahead of you...Lot of hard work but so definitely worth it in the end...
    Your photos capture a real cosiness there already... :)

  16. Oh. My. Goodness. What a beautiful bit of the world you live in. Cannot wait to see more.


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