Tuesday, February 15, 2011

loving. . .

after lunch sleeps with my little people. the crispness of hemp sheets. the calm of our steiner playgroup. a husband who brings me tea in bed. that berries grow wild at the end of our driveway. being engrossed in a good book sent by my dad. wintry days in the summertime. blissful bowen. the personality i see emerging in my baby boy. picking stone fruit from the garden. playing hairdressers with my girl. jam and cream on anything.

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  1. Honestly, I love wintery days in the summertime ... San Francisco has some of the coldest Summers, the fog and the crispness I love it!! Such a sweet post! xo

  2. I'm loving the heavy fringe! Looks gorgeous on you. Missing you all Sx

  3. Oh those photos are lovely! All very dreamy.


  4. Jam and cream even works on not-yet ripe berries from the end of the driveway! (My three year old road-tested precisely that last weekend).


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