Sunday, October 31, 2010

sweet like honey. . .

we inherited some old bee hives from my folks
thought we'd try our hand as amateur apiarists

we've been reading up and learning lots
about the fascinating world of bees

we've fixed up the boxes and cleaned up the frames
and now we're ready to find ourselves a queen

: :
last night we watched
"the secret life of bees"
have you seen it?
such a beautiful movie


  1. Wow I can't wait to see how this goes. I too have a hankering to add bee keeper to my list of abilities. Mmmm honey!
    Good luck with the buzzies.
    Ab x

  2. Gah! Wow. Wonderful. And have you crafted yourself a bee keeping uniform whatsit?

  3. Excitement! Your own honey, how superb. Hope they do lots of bee-dancing for you.

  4. i've seen the movie,
    i've read the book
    last night i've been researching bees too because we had a swarm come and make a 'hive' on our neighbour's eaves and they left, leaving some beautiful bee's wax and honey too. they were absolutely fascinating to watch. we took the wax down so that the boys could take it with them to school for show and tell.
    enjoy your bees - i miss mine now that they have moved on :(

  5. I harvested my first lot of wild honey yesterday and it was just divine!!! Bees truly are amazing creatures...

    Good luck with your bee-keeping adventures.


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