Monday, October 4, 2010

in the garden. . .

a little seed for me to sow
a little earth to help it grow
a little hole
a little pat
a little wish
and that is that
a little sun
a little shower
and in a while
a little flower

: :

we made these newspaper pots today
and planted some tomato seeds in them
now we water, watch and wait

: :


  1. Oh, the anticipation! Great idea for a little gift, too.

  2. such a great idea for get the summer garden going!

  3. What a great idea .... and how exciting to see them grow!! Bet they will taste delicious!!

  4. *whispering*...grow little tomato plants, grow.

  5. great idea, can't wait till i can plants some vegies in the garden.

  6. These are so cool. I can't wait to see what goodies you grow! xx

  7. I love your wise words post..couldn't agree more. I am so impressed that you grow things from seeds. I buy the seedlings! Perhaps I'll give raising seeds a go next year.. Rachaelxx


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