Thursday, September 30, 2010

wise words. . .

Go home.

Stay there.

Cook your dinner instead of getting it out.

Donate what you save. Talk to your neighbors.

Buy local. Grow your own.

Go to your town meeting, neighborhood council,

or other public forum, and try and improve things.

Vote. Show up.

Make things instead of buying them. Share.

Help those in need in your own neighborhood.

Walk instead of driving.

Play with you kids instead of buying them stuff.

Turn down the heat and put on a sweater.

Chase your kids or play soccer with your neighbors

instead of going to the gym.

Talk instead of watching tv.

Plant trees. Learn permaculture. Barter.

Raise some money for a good cause.

Pare down. Live simply.

Garden. Go home.

Stay there.

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Go and check out the full article found via Down to Earth.


  1. those are lovely words. guilty of some and not of others. ;)

  2. It's pretty simple isn't it.

  3. some days i rue the fact that we don't own our own home - and we can't really even buy our own home. but then i look at this list, and i see that we do so much of it and i think, 'yep, life's good'. we could probably save the money we donate each month to various charities, but i like the fact that i am giving to someone who has less than me....
    thanks for a lovely post, and for reminding me of the important things in life.

  4. i love this. and the link. thanks, and hello :-)


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