Thursday, May 20, 2010

my creative space. . .

I gift for my wonderful midwife.
Such a pleasure to create for someone who
appreciates handmade and vintage.

The bag is made fom my favourite fabric in the stash.
The lining an old embroidered pillow sham.
The flower is a removable badge.

Good to have this one ticked off the "to do" list!

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  1. Such beautiful work. Your midwife will surely appreciate something so beautifully made by you. I love the flower brooch, the colours are lovely.xo

  2. I love love love how you lined it.

  3. What a nice gift, very thoughtful. And special to have a midwife who will appreciate it!

  4. Stunning. The flower with a button middle is really cute.

  5. Beautiful. She will be a very happy recipient. I see you had a blessingways- how lucky! I don't have any like-minded friends in Australia. The girls I do know through my hubby wouldn't know what to think if I brought out the henna and birthing beads. Maybe I'll get one in another life. And with a blessingays comes the quickly approaching birth- thinking of you and sending love and mama strength. xo m.

  6. what a lovely gift, i love the flower.

  7. The flower is gorgeous! Where did the pattern come from? If the answer is out of your head, would it be too complicated under the impending birth circumstances to write it down!?! I love discovering little crochet motifs that can be used for all sorts of things, especially gifts!

  8. what a beautiful idea ... the colours are gorgeous.

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  9. Gorgeous bag...wishing you a beautiful, safe, and happy birth-day.

  10. That's lovely, your midwife will be delighted!!


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