Friday, May 21, 2010

beautiful beads. . .

I put a call out last week to friends and family,
far and wide, to send beads for my Blessingway.

To be strung together as birthing beads,
for strength and focus during my labour.

This week the mailbox has been filled with beautiful beads
and heartfelt messages of support and love.

Enough to make this hormonally charged girl shed a few tears.

So good to feel connected to all the wonderful women in my life right now.

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  1. what a lovely idea......i hope all goes smoothly for you. are you having your baby at home?
    i had a water birth with my last and it was so gentle - it was truly amazing.
    i love the beads and i love the story behind it - it's like having all those dear to you with you in labour.....

  2. Reading this post, it is the first I'd ever heard of birthing beads. What a comfort they will be during your time. I'm sending you happy, joyful thoughts via this message:)

  3. What a beautiful idea - so meaningful. Hope all is going well at this later stage of your pregnancy and that you are enjoying all the nesting x

  4. I love this tradition. In our town we have a necklace that gets passed from woman to woman and as each new mama passes it on to the next she adds her own bead. It is such a powerful and beautiful ritual. I wonder who has it now.

  5. Hi Lucie, just found your lovely blog through sweet Cathie. I love love this precious idea! Your cute red and white brooches are very sweet too. Off to read some of your past posts to see what I've been missing..

    Wishing you a happy happy Tuesday! xx


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